Mannatech GI Pro Balance

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Introducing New and Improved Gi-ProBalance!

Gi-ProBalance helps restore beneficial gut flora and nourishes friendly intestinal flora with the same great tasting yoghurt-flavoured powder.

This new formula now has 35 billion MORE CFU total input of probiotics at the time of manufacture, increased strains of probiotics, and added glyconutrient ingredients in every slim stick!

GI-ProBalance slim sticks are newly formulated to:

  • Help restore good/beneficial/friendly intestinal/gut/bowel flora
  • Nourish good/beneficial/friendly intestinal flora

Each GI-ProBalance slim stick contains:

  • 50 billion CFU total input of probiotics at the time of manufacture
  • 8 strains of probiotics
  • 4.5 mg glyconutrient ingredients
  • Approximately 1.1 g prebiotic fibre ingredients Fructooligosaccharides and acacia gum



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