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Every day, our bodies are exposed to harmful toxins, ultraviolet (UV) light and other environmental and dietary stressors, which can produce free radicals that may damage our DNA, cells and tissues. Antioxidant supplements can help reduce the amount of free radicals and oxidative stress that may damage or even kill cells.

Antioxidants are an essential part of our diet and important for maintaining health. Mannatech’s AO product is a powerful, advanced formula that offers over 2 ½ times more antioxidant protection than five servings of fruits and vegetables.

Research shows that one Ambrotose AO capsule twice daily increases the body’s oxidative stress protection by 37.4%*. Measured with a validated marker of blood serum oxidative stress, the results show that AO provides over twice the increase in oxidative stress protection achieved from eating an additional five servings of fruits and vegetables each day.


What are free radicals?

Toxins such as pollution, radiation, cigarette smoke and herbicides on cells can create free radicals. Stress and poor food can also contribute to the creation of free radicals. Free radicals attack atoms by stealing electrons, making these atoms unstable.

When free radicals steal electrons from an atom, the atom is unstable and becomes a free radical searching out electrons. This chain reaction can lead to the acceleration of the aging process. Antioxidants reduce free radicals by contributing electrons to maintain cell stability.

Ambrotose AO® capsules are designed to protect water and fat soluble portions of cells from free radical attacks while supporting the immune system.


The Ambrotose Phyto Formula™ ingredient (acacia, Xanthomona campestris gum powder, tragacanth, ghatti gum, Aloe vera inner leaf gel powder, powders of [Daucus carota root, Allium cepa bulb, Allium sativum bulb, Lycopersicon esculentum fruit, Brassica rapa root, and Brassica oleracea varieties (gemmifera) [Brussels sprout] herb top, italica [broccoli] herb top, capitata [cabbage] leaf, botrytis [cauliflower] herb top, viridis [kale] leaf), Carica papaya fruit, Ananas sativus fruit]), MTech AO Blend® ingredent (quercetin, Vitis vinifera extract equiv. dry fruit skin, Camellia sinensis extract equiv. dry leaf, Terminalia ferdinandiana fruit flesh powder, ascorbic acid, d-alpha tocopherol), caffeine 1 mg (maximum). Also contains encapsulating aids.

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Ambrotose AO


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