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Provide crucial support for your endocrine health

When you’re not quite you, a faulty endocrine system may be the problem.

Help keep it healthy with Mannatech's  PLUS tablets formulated with a unique blend of nutrients that support balanced health to keep your spirits high. PLUS tablets include a unique blend of standardised nutrients, including phytohormones, plant based steroidal saponins, and glyconutrients to help maintain good health.

They are designed to promote general well-being, which is achieved through Mannatech’s formulation of Mexican Wild Yam and Ambrotose® Complex.


  • Balances your immune, nervous and cardiovascular system.
  • Helps support breast,
  • Support prostate health
  • Supports bone and colon health.
  • Supports a healthy immune system 
  • May enhance cellular communication.
  • Provide relief from menstrual symptoms (pain and cramps).
  • Contains our patented Ambrotose® complex.

Listen to Dr Nugent share on why he thinks Plus is such an important product for your health. 

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